Interact with TestPro by drawing the test using your finger or tap on the screen to see TestPro draw the movement for you


Listen to the test with or without ear pieces, pause, or restart the whole test. Use Testpro when riding or at home the choice is yours


Watch the test from start to finish, pause, go back a movement or jump forward to a different part of the test


Immerse yourself in learning your test whatever your learning style, be aware of where the extra marks are in the test, expand your knowledge of dressage


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From our customers

Here is what some of our users have told us…

I find learning and visualising tests very difficult. TestPro has been fabulous at helping me understand the movements and shapes and be more accurate in my test riding.

Veronica Bower
Para rider Grade 3 with MS

Having had a break from competing of around 20 years I was having real issues with learning my tests. I loved taking the tests to work with me on my iPhone or using my iPad at home and the yard, the flexibility was fantastic. It also proved invaluable when having a lesson as I could discuss different movements with my instructor or run through the entire test without having to scrabble around to find the a copy of the test somewhere.

Carla Goadby
Dressage enthusiast competing at Novice

I have found the app to be of enormous benefit to me. I have a problem retaining information due to a shrinkage at the base of the brain, however using the help to visualise the test helps me to remember the patterns quite easily. Really looking forward to having both Para and able bodied tests available.

Denise Smith 3
Denise Smith

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