Dressage TestPro Introduction

February 24th, 2020 Posted by Dressage TestPro, General News, Updates 0 thoughts on “Dressage TestPro Introduction”

Welcome to our website and a new blog. I suppose like any other blog it may be a collection of ramblings, some information that is useful, and some opinions that you may or may not agree with!

Disagreement can be healthy in the right context, and with the right words. So I won’t be deleting any comments unless they openly criticise someone that cannot answer back, are defamatory, abusive or rude. Right, glad that bit is out of the way!

I thought it might be useful to talk about where TestPro came from and a small bit about who we are. The idea for TestPro started a few years ago when my husband and TestPro co-founder James was watching me learn my dressage tests. When I learn I am a combination of a finger drawing in the air and visualisation, as a child I used to have an arena on the grass and practice the test on foot, but my extended trot isn’t what it used to be!

Anyway I digress, James had a lightbulb moment and said the famous words “isn’t there an app for that?” So we had a look at the market and checked out what was going on. As the dressage market is relatively small we soon realised that an app would be a niche product and require a lot of investment of time and money. A ‘lucky’ circumstance led to James taking redundancy with a handy pot of money to bankroll TestPro.

It’s never easy doing something like this, we have had doubts, anxiety about money, strong opinions about what to include and sheer hard work talking to the federations to secure the licenses for the dressage tests.

Hands up, we have never launched an app before, however we do have umpty billion years of experience working for large organisations in the development of software. So with the unique combination of both software development backgrounds and 40 years of dressage experience (gulp!) TestPro went from a glimmer in James’ eye to the app it is today.

What’s next I hear you ask? Well we have lots of other extra bits of functionality planned, some exciting partnerships and a couple of other ideas for apps in the early stages of thinking. It’s an exciting journey that is going to continue for a long time, are you ready for the ride?

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