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Goal, Intention, Resolution ?

January 17th, 2024 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Goal, Intention, Resolution ?”

To set a goal or not?

If your social media is anything like mine, then it will be full of information about setting goals or making resolutions for the coming year. 

Do we need to set goals? Is it necessary ? How do you feel about it? And do you feel under pressure to do so? 

So what is the difference between a resolution, goal and intention ? And which one could work for you? 

A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. Sometimes the ‘not doing’ is just as important as the ‘doing’

A goal is your vision of something in the future, normally time bound and clear

An intention is more present and more focussed on how you feel or want to feel

Which am I setting? Well I had a super busy year last year and this one is not looking any less hectic!! So I have decided to go with a series of intentions that can be flexed throughout the year as and when necessary. My initial thoughts are to have an intention around enjoying my time with each horse and making the most of some great trainers that I have.

I might well set an intention to do my first Inter 1 with both Denver and Elena, I have at the back of my mind that I will also try an Inter 2 but that might be a step too far and too much pressure on me. And this is partly why I am going with Intentions rather than goals. A goal and also a resolution appear to me to be so much harder and restrictive. I know that may be my impression rather than yours but everyone is different and this is why I am highlighting different approaches to thinking about the year ahead.

What are your thoughts? Have you set a goal, resolution or intention?